Cyber Security


  • IT Governance

  • Remote Administration Tools

  • Malware

  • Data Dump

  • Wikileaks

  • Internet

  • Email Support

  • App Security

  • Encryption

  • Surveillance

  • Analytics

  • Device Management

  • Firewall

  • Corporation Servers

  • Dark Web

  • Backdoor

  • 24/7 365 Day Support

  • Chat Support

  • AntiVirus

  • Denial of Service

  • Adware

The Audit Process Overview

Examine the overall audit process.

Apply quality assurance processes to an audit process.

Distinguish the effect of technology changes to an audit process.

Audit Planning

Apply a risk-based audit strategy.

Apply standards, guidance, techniques, and professional ethics.

Use audit planning techniques, steps, and project management.

Analyze the risk assessment and controls concept to comply with an audit process.


Apply evidence collection processes and sampling techniques.

Assess internal controls.

Examine legal and regulatory requirements related to IT audit.

Apply fraud detection processes and tools.

Audit Reporting

Apply audit reporting techniques.

Examine audit exit interviewing processes.

Apply audit presentation and reporting.

IT Audit Role

Evaluate IT standards, implementation of guidance, and procedures.

Analyze IT procedures, security, and control processes.

Appraise the role of an IT audit.

Audit Preparation

Apply self-assessment processes.

Produce an audit preparation guide.

Explore career opportunities and professional development.

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